August 2022

"Web applications" are so-called web-based applications run through a browser interface. A dynamic web site which one may interact with is a simple web application.

At Fassk, our effort has always been focused to develop, improve and work constantly our web applications together with high performance robust relational databases. Therefore our web applications mainly include dynamic pages closely linked to databases. As a consequence of the unlimited freedom given from this combination, and to face the amount of data, we accordingly care about the management our web applications by building comprehensible update tools to these databases.

and B2B has been our foremost competence among web applications and today we provide our customers with broad and extensive solutions, either as tailor-made web applications or driven ones.

Web applications arose to endow dynamic companies who care about offering their clients web based services with simple but yet high-potential solutions that enable secure information sharing, be it with their suppliers, customers or partners, and make administrative daily tasks simpler.

Problem #5.17: You are a talented designer and you create numerous illustrations intended to be published online on your website. Since you make these illustrations on your computer, you would like your website to be updated automatically with your new work. Allowed material: phone and dialing #+41 21 791 68 46.

Solution #5.17: After having been consulting you and once your needs clearly defined and understood, we will develop a website according to your preferences (design, layout, etc…) and an update tool of your illustrative work for your dynamic website. This tool may either be a web, or a standalone application which enables you to work as independently and easily as you want.