Septembre 2022

Manage and invoice your job and time cards for the working hours and services you provide to your clients and mandators. Ideal solution for Lawyers and Trustee Firms, or any company providing hour based serevices to its customers.

  Create and manage work topics per customer
  Create job card per employee, per customer and per work topic
  Indicate costs and disbursements in the desired currency per job card and link them to the corresponding invoices you receive from your suppliers and creditors
  Indicate trip km per job card
  Manage internal / external hours
  Invoice your job cards, as per terms agreed with your clients, in multiple languages, summed up or detailled, per work topic and per time period
  Various reporting and statistics, per employee, per client, per period, etc.
  Check the invoicing status of your job cards
  User friendly interface and easy to use
  Global overview of all your job cards

Developped by FASSK SA, JobCardPack is the perfect solution to manage and invoice your hour based work and services provided to your clients and mandators. It is part of options available in our DATAF29 solution, ERP Business Management and E-commerce Softwares.

*all specifications are subject to modifications