August 2022

Why not offer your customers an online web-based highly customizable solution for browsing efficiently your products, placing orders and tracking them in a history?

Our powered e-commerce solution consists in a powerful tool which is a true asset for selling your products online. Its solid and robust search engine will let your customers seek almost instantaneously a product by way of a few key words.

Dataf29 automatically synchronizes the e-commerce database making any alter in products, prices or images being updated on its website on a scheduled basis. On the other hand, Dataf29 downloads the orders and make their post-processing fast to avoid hand typing of customer related information.

Therefore, your online product catalogue is constantly up-to-date as well as the history of your customers’ orders. Every care has been brought to avoid additional administration of the e-commerce website and database by developing a comprehensive toolset that ensures that both Dataf29 and the e-commerce databases are synchronized.

And there is more. Online marketing, advertisement and promotions as well as detailed statistics help you optimize your e-commerce website.

So if you want to go online with your business, or refresh your current e-commerce, don’t wait any longer and ask us for a personalized offer today!