September 2022


Dataf29 offers a flexible structure that can easily be adapted to your requirements.
Don't change your "way of doing things", just set it up according to your needs and it is integrated in your daily business.

Your business grows and your needs change in time. Dataf29 follows your demands and grows and extends with your businees.
In many cases when extra new data handling is needed, no need for software update. New data tables and fields, corresponding screens, reporting, print outs, menu and access privileges can be created. The new data is then integrated in your application and database, and is ready to be managed.

Dataf29 integrates a powerful built in reporting system.
No constraint from the application, whenever required, create new reports as desired in several languages and design their layout. Then decide from which screen the report should be accessed and grant user access privileges accordingly.
For example, if once a new report of the sales or of the purchase of a special group of products is needed, just create the new report, decide on how you want to print it out, from which menu or screen should the new report be called and who should have the privilege to get that report. Furthermore you can also set that same report to be output in different languages.

Main Menu
Create the main menu structure as you wish and according to your company business and culture (customizing). Attribute short cuts to individual menus and name them as you wish.

Customize your data fields on the your screen. Decide on their position, size, format as well as on their labelling and other special features.
Field attribution options enable various field properties (eg. web link) in each language.

Dataf29 allow flexible numbering and encoding of documents (eg. customers, products, invoices, etc.). Manual or automatic numbering option can be set for each document to be applied on any new document insertion. The numbering options also allow several flexible numbering logics (eg. year + incremental).

*all specifications are subject to modifications