September 2022

Dataf29 ERP is a powerful business management tool. It is process oriented and lets you easily organise and manage your data base while facilitating and handling your daily tasks.


Several users can login to the database through the network or internet. The maximum number of users depends on the configuration of the application and on the installed database.
Users setup and configuration is handled by the users profile tool.
It is also possible to define users into groups and sub-groups.

Define detailed privileges and access authorisations for each user.
No acces, read, modify, add and delete are privileges options that you can setup for each user at any document, screen and report level.
Define also acces privilege on any history, listing and statistic, as well as on any field if needed.

Dataf29 is multilingual. No update is needed to switch the software from one language to another. The language can be defined at different levels:
User level
Users can just set up the language version in which they want to work with the software. Therefore several users can share the database at the same time, but each in their own language.
Customers and suppliers language
Talk in their own language to your customers and suppliers. By setting the language property in the profile of a customer or a supplier, the'll get their paper works in their own language.
Handle various description in different language for each product.
Reporting, controlling and statistics
Setup your reporting, controlling and statistic listings in any language and get them out ina ny other language.
Addtional languages
English, French and German are the actual available languages.
Additional languages can be added upon request.

Define as many currencies as you need and update rates in the currencies profile.
Furthermore, define the working currency form each customer and supplier in their profile.
Handle your documents in desired currency.
For example: issue invoices in one currency and settle the payment in another currency. Each process is saved with the rate of currency at issuing time. This enables to to keep track of your business results related to currency variations.

*all specifications are subject to modifications