September 2022

Discover at least
7 good reasons why you should migrate your business on DataF29.

Easiness of learn and use
You will avoid making yourself and your employees spend countless hours on learning to use DATAF29.

Quick implementation
Installing and setting up DATAF29 is quick and reliable since it has been designed to fit your daily habits and processes. Provided their format allows it, importing your existing data will be a great save of time and labor as you will not need them retyped and moreover your previous business history will be preserved.

Flexible and evolutionary
Designed to match your processes, DATAF29 will meet your habits as if it were tailor-made for your company. DATAF29 becomes accustomed to your business and not the contrary. New data, processes or reports may be easily added upon need to constantly follow the evolution of your company and DATAF29 will meet your expectancies.

Save time and money
Due to its process designed architecture built to match your working habits, DATAF29 will make you save time and effort in your daily tasks. Accordingly you will have more time to develop your customer relationship and eventually to increase your revenue.

First-class management
DATAF29 will let you figure out the best pointers of your business and will help you build a comprehensive dashboard showing you essential real-time information needed to drive and command your company and to make the right decisions.

Open and evolutionary system
Making the security of your data one of our major concerns, DATAF29 still remains an open solution and lays its foundations on a well-known, highly reliable trustworthy database. Numerous built-in Internet features enable easy and quick communication with your customers and partners. Connectivity with other systems (other or B2B) has been made effortless due to different level of data exporting possibilities and widespread optional interface developments.

Affordable investment
As a consequence of it quick and easy implementation, you will soon realize the power of the tool you invested in.

*all specifications are subject to modifications