August 2022

Dataf29 is the optimum solution to manage your data in the daily follow up of your business. User friendly and easy to use, it has been developped to assist you with your daily tasks and to facilitate their handling. Dataf29 becomes quickly your essential working tools.

Let Dataf29 manage your data in full security and at a very high speed, and get immediately the informations you need for your decisions.

Integrating multiple functions and possibilities, it gets customised and easily integrates your organisation and fits your business processes and working methods.

Your business develops and your needs change. Dataf29 follow your demands and fits them naturally

Dataf29 integrates a powerful tool to create and genrate reports and statistics with graphics. Create new reports upon need, design their layout and print them in different languages or just send them per email.

Dataf29 offers a mulitilingual and multi currency environment for simultanously many users while ensuring detail access authorisation and privileges for each user. Acces to internet is omnipresent in all levels and allows quick communication facilities with your customers and suppliers.

Search engine
Thanks to a built in and powerful Search Engine, just pull out with simple keywords and almost instantly, the requested record among hundreds of thousands.

Various security, protection and backup functions ensure increased security of your data base.

*all specifications are subject to modifications