August 2022

Some day in November 1999, Farhad Kehtari, electrical engineer EPFL founded Fassk SA in Lausanne (Switzerland), a company to develop solutions and services in technical and computer business.

Technical or Management, for over 20 years he acquired his skill in small and medium companies as well as, and mainly in machine industry within an important interntional company, for which he was also assigned for several years to Africa in management position. He was daily involved in organisational, management and technical meetings and tasks.

"Finally, he says, what is missing to small and medium companies is a reliable and flexible management tool at a reasonable cost to optimise their business processes."

After a market study, he was fully and quickly convienced; develop a reliable, quick and configurable ERP software offering a large variety of solutions, but and the most important saving time in the handling of the daily tasks and management.

His technical background and knowledge in software development combined with his skill and experience in management ended up in 2003, in Dataf29.

After several releases and paying special attention to the daily habits and needs of users, and specially taking into account the demands of mangers, he carefully prepared the development strategy and structure of .

The development starts. Nothing is left randomly or by chance. Farhad chose one of the world most powerfull programming language and combined it to a reliable and ultra quick data base. It took him a very very long period during which he was developping the basis of his software working environment: his structure.

Early 2002, he needed a break to renew his ideas, a tour in South Africa...

He then installed a first and beta-test release of the program at a first and very demanding customer. He observed very carefully any detail of the functinality and behaviour of the program and prepared the necessary modifications, adaptions and final tunings. A total success was waiting for him down the road. The customer is satisfied and more than happy. Farhad has succeeded in his mission; Dataf29 is even going beyond the image built in his mind.

Business management needs also the integration of the accounting: is also launched in 2003. It perfectly integrates in Dataf29 application and environemnt and offers a lot of interesting features.

In parallel, Farhad's team create web sites and prepare web applications with data bases. Today, Fassk SA offers a variety of solutions and services.